Cinema Special Effects (SFX) Makeup and Prosthetics Faculty

Specialty: Cinema Makeup Artist – SFX Specialist

2-year course (4 semesters):
Monday to Thursday from 10 am until 3 pm, with the exception of bank holidays, as well as winter and summer holiday breaks. The program includes 1800 hours of classes held in groups of 4 to 10 students, with the assistance of an interpreter in English.

Program includes: drawing and painting, sculpting, cinema, TV, and theatre makeup, special effects (moulds, wounds, swellings, burns), wig-making basics (artificial facial hair techniques), body painting, working with wax, model plasticine, small form sculpting, creation of positive, making of elements of wounds, burns, horns, etc., molds of face, nose, chin, ear, etc., modeling and forming, arms and legs molds, skull work, head forming, hair attachment, aging, modeling of old skin, neck, hands, etc., face, arms, and legs deformation, fantasy creatures, the whole character creation.

The graduates receive:
– Dziewulscy International College Diploma (2-year course)
– International Certificate in English (2-year course)