Cinema Makeup, Visage and Styling Faculty

Specialty: Cinema Makeup Artist – Image Consultant – Stylist

2-year course (4 semesters)
Monday to Thursday from 10 am until 3 pm, with the exception of bank holidays, as well as winter and summer holiday breaks. The program includes 1800 hours of classes held in groups of 4 to 10 students, with the assistance of an interpreter in English.

Program includes: drawing and painting, sculpting, cinema, TV, and theatre makeup, special effects (moulds, wounds, swellings, burns), wig-making basics (artificial facial hair techniques), rejuvenation and aging, ugliness and fatigue effects, body painting, colour analysis, visage, day, evening, special and fashion make-ups, style-related and contemporary hairstyling, clothing stylization, elements of fashion history of various historical periods, newest world trends in makeup and fashion industries.

The graduates receive:
– Dziewulscy International College Diploma (2-year course)
– International Certificate in English (2-year course)